Prop Tip Speed Calculator

Propeller Tip Speed Calculator

Compensation for outside temp in Celsius. Speed in Mph.


* Prop Diameter. In inches.

* Engine Rpm. ( Max )

* Engine Gear. Example. 2,58:1 set 2.58, with no gear use 1.

= Prop Tip Speed in Mph.

* Outside Temp. in Celsius ( Normal is 20 Celsius. )

= The Speed of sound in Mph. Calculated using outside temp.

= Prop Tip Speed in Mach. Maximum performance between 0.8-0.92 Mach.

A propeller does not work well just under and over Mach speed.
Just under Mach (0.92+) the propeller will vibrate, make excessive noise and will have poor efficiency .

inserted by FC2 system
inserted by FC2 system